Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the core benefits of a kiosk?

Advertises and promotes your business
Lowers your operational costs
Safes you time
Makes your life more convenient
Offers multiple activities at once

What can a kiosk do?

Every kiosk is different and every kiosk is designed for a different purpose. Depending on the industry and the solution, the kiosk will perform different things. A kiosk mainly provides access to information, but it can also print tickets for queuing, read ID cards to register, deposit cash to pay bills and many more things. For more information please send us a request and we’ll be more than happy to send you a brochure with all the information that you will need to have a better idea about our kiosks and solutions.

Which kiosk is suitable for me?

KioskMedia provides over a wide range of products. In order to choose the most suitable kiosk, serving the right purpose for your business, our friendly and experienced staff will advise you on what kiosk and solution is most suitable for you and your business.

Is it possible to customize a kiosk?

It surely is possible to customize a kiosk. KioskMedia customizes any kiosk to your needs. Your company logo can be the design of your kiosk. It is possible to add any slogan or picture you wish to have displayed on your customized kiosk. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide list of optional components to add to your kiosk to serve your exact needs. These optional components include MyKad reader, barcode reader, note validator, ticket printer and many more.

How long is the warranty of a kiosk?

The warranty on a kiosk is one year. It covers the malfunction of every component, which is incorporated into the kiosk. However, it will not cover misuse and vandalism. After one year KioskMedia offers maintenance packages to maintain your kiosk even after the one-year warranty has expired so that you can stay focused on your core business.

Does KioskMedia maintain the kiosk after the warranty has expired?

Yes, we do. Once the maintenance contract has been signed, KioskMedia will be pleased to maintain your kiosk after the one-year warranty has expired. We will submit monthly reports about the status and the health of your kiosk.

Is it possible to rent a kiosk?

It surely is possible to rent a kiosk. KioskMedia offers several kiosks for rental for any special occasion such as a business event or a showcase.

Who is responsible for the installation?

KioskMedia will work together with the premise owner on the installation of your kiosk at your desired premises and at the time you desire.

After having purchased a kiosk do I get any training before handover?

Yes, of course you get training. KioskMedia provides you with the essential training to fully enjoy your kiosk at your desired premises and to know all about the great possibilities a kiosk offers.

Is it possible to see the different kiosks before ordering?

It surely is possible to take a look at the kiosks before ordering. KioskMedia has its entire product portfolio on display for you. Simply call us to make an appointment. We can get together to learn more about your needs and business challenges and to introduce you to our self-service solutions here at our office.

Is it possible to change the content of the kiosk software?

Yes, it is. KioskMedia can easily make desired changes to the software content or design of your kiosk. With KioskMedia's Content Management System (CMS), updating information on your kiosks, self-service terminals and digital displays is very easy. You can find more information about KioskMedia’s CMS under Products >Software.

Is it possible to monitor the kiosk from the office?

It is vital for organizations to be able to remotely monitor and manage their kiosks. KioskMedia delivers this capability through its Kiosk Management System (KMS), which allows administrators from a central location to manage a distributed network of self-service kiosks. In this way the health-status of the kiosk is being proactively monitored.

What is the price of a kiosk?

Every kiosk project is customized; as a result prices do vary. So please contact us at +603 8076 9910 or send an email to and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your project, advice you and give you an estimate price.